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Diesel Rebate Scheme

October 08, 2013 − by LyonsCalzo − in Finances, Frontpage, Uncategorized − Comments Off

As of 1st July 2013, repayments are available to qualifying road
transport operators
for part of the mineral oil tax paid on the auto-diesel purchased by them for use in the course of business.


Amount Repayable

The amount of the repayment will vary in accordance with the average price at which auto-diesel is available for purchase during a repayment period. This is calculated in accordance with a sliding scale, whereby the maximum amount repayable is 7.5 cent per litre (when that price is €1.54 per litre or over), and Nil when the price is at or below €1.23 per litre, see table below.

Amount Repayable (per litre)

Price (VAT Incl) Price (VAT Excl) Repayment(cent per litre)
1.54 1.25 7.5
1.50 1.22 6.6
1.45 1.18 5.4
1.40 1.14 4.2
1.35 1.10 3.
1.30 1.06 1.8
1.27 1.03 0.9
1.23 1.00 0


For this calculation, the average price of auto-diesel will be determined in accordance with data provided by the Central Statistics Office.   See full details on the scheme here …

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